Bergamot is an internationally renowned creative arts complex, boasting some 30 venerable galleries and creative businesses. The fine art galleries present regular and diverse rotating exhibitions featuring artists from all over the globe and across all mediums. Bergamot is a unique and unparalleled collection of fine art galleries. Throughout the year Bergamot hosts vibrant community and cultural activities and facilitates educational, non-profit and charitable events. Originally, the arts center was established in 1994 as Bergamot Station. In 2018, the Santa Monica City-owned property went under new management and was renamed simply, Bergamot.  From 1875 to 1953 the site served as a railroad station for the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad, then later the Santa Monica Air Line. The property returned to its roots on May 20, 2016 with the opening of the Expo Line and the adjacent 26th Street/Bergamot stop situated at the North end of Bergamot.

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